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Post by SchreeandBaby on Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:52 am

Big Brother 4 Jun Song Jun


· What is your motto?
What goes around really does come right back around.

· What three adjectives best describe you?
Picky, affectionate, independent

· Who is your personal hero?
Christopher Reeve's wife, Dana. Now, she is a real woman!

· Why did you want to be on BIG BROTHER?
All the attention I want AND a 1 in 13 chance at half a million? C'mon!

· What strengths do you bring to BIG BROTHER?
My quick wit, wacky sense of humor and woman power!

· What weaknesses do you bring to BIG BROTHER?
My self-centeredness, too-quick tongue and girliness.

· What comfort item from home will you miss the most?
Everything about my bed, my pillows/sheets/dreams

· What type of news from the outside world will you miss the most?
Fashion, nightlife, gossip on who's doing who…

· Do you tend to perform better in physical or mental competitions?
Definitely mental; by NO means am I an athlete.

· How do you plan to win BIG BROTHER?
By doing what I do best: charming the men and befriending the ladies.

· What is your biggest fear as you begin BIG BROTHER?
Being portrayed inaccurately or unfairly. I would like to pick up my life post-BB4

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